6 Websites I am loving

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I, like most of us, spend a lot of time procrastinating on the Internet and as tonight is the beginning of the weekend I thought I’d blog about some of my favourite sites. I know 6 is a random number but I couldn’t pick between them and I love all these sites and the people who run them. In fact, have you ever felt like you know people that you have never met but have a connection with? These are my people! Have a lovely weekend.

The Anna Edit


Anna is one of the bloggers that has inspired my fitness motivation. Last year she started working out and SnapChatting all sweaty and I was inspired to go and work up a sweat myself. I have been watching Anna’s YouTube videos and dabbing in and out of her blog for around two years now and I have to say I like how it’s evolved from a beauty blog to a slightly more lifestyle blog with great ideas on capsule wardrobes, healthy eating recipes and some not so healthy things. Her triple chocolate cookies are heavenly. The thing I admire the most about Anna is how confident she appears to be in her own skin, that is women’s goals right there.

Islamic Moments

I love stationery! I think it stems from the thrill of buying new pencils and pens, notebooks and pencil cases when going back to school! I also love mugs! Don’t ask me why but I have always been obsessed with them, so much so that I have mugs of all shapes and sizes. When Islamic Moments came out with their mug and stationery collection I over the moon. I have given them as Eid gifts, Wedding,  Umrah presents, etc. They are my go to gifts along with their cards. As a western Muslimah I like the idea that I can buy stationery and mugs with sayings and inspiration quotes I can identify with. Islamic Moments also has a blog that tells you what they have been up to.



In Arabic Bayyinah means clear proof or Evidence and what bayyinah.com does is bring people closer to the book of Allah. From their Kuthbas, to Tafsirs and podcasts, the organisation tries to inspire you to get closer to Allah through the miracle of the Quran, by using historical, scientifical, psychological and linguistic evidence . I love everything about their websites (and they have many). I started my journey into reading Arabic with bayyinah.tv and love the podcasts on bayyinah.org. I listen to their podcasts at the gym, in the car on the school run, when I’m jogging, cleaning… My favourite site by far.

Pearl Daisy


Anyone who knows me knows that I love all scarves Pearl Daisy. Not any scarf but an actual Hoojab ( a hijab with a hoody).  I have been wearing them for around 5 years and they are my all time favourite internet discovery. Thank God for Amena and her amazing idea. Lately the collections all tend to look too similar and I’m not as impressed with them, so much so that I have started looking into other scarves. However, if you want a change or are just starting out,  pearl daisy scarves are stylish, comfortable to wear and unique in their design.

Sisters Magazine


Now for me Sisters magazine is not only a website but the only physical magazine I actually read. As a mum I don’t have much time to read, unless we are talking horrid henry or my First Quran so it is nice to have a magazine with quick articles you can actually finish, rather than books that you used to finish in a day now take a month to read! Sisters Magazine is now the right fit for me as it is informative, interesting and well written. I feel it is the right fit for women that were born and brought up in the west with magazines galore but as our Deen has developed, Vogue is no longer our groove. Having said that, wether or not you are a Muslimah, Sisters magazine has a lot of informative and  provocative articles.

Caroline Hirons

Is your skin too dry, too oily? Are you in need of some new skincare? Are you quite well off or can afford to sell a kidney in order to pay for your skincare addiction?

If the answer to any of the above questions is yes then Caroline is your go to lady for skincare. Caroline’s Instagram is packed with ideas of skincare regimes as well as her lovely Cats ( and I’m not even a Cat person). I love reading her blogs, watching her YouTube videos and her Instagram pics (her Instagram stories are funny). Caroline is not only  skincare goals but she has recently launched her own skincare product with Pixi and although I haven’t tested it I already know I need it in my life as I have use and love mostly products recommended by her.


Let me know what your favourite sites are and if there are any you feel I should check out. Can you recommend a scarf designers or collection?

All of the pictures used were taken and are owned by the sites themselves. Permission has been obtained by some however it was hard to get responses from some of the sites so am hoping no one will sue me. This Blogpost is not sponsored and all opinions are my own.

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