Losing My Religion Conference 2017


اَلسَّلَامُ عَلَيْكُم


On Sunday I went to the Losing my Religion Conference organised by MEND Community, which stands for Muslim Engagement & Development. This week I will be writing a few blog posts regarding the messages delivered by the different speakers and how they inspired me on the lead up to Ramadhan and the election.

This first blog post is a on my thoughts as a first time visitor to an Islamic Conference of this magnitude.

The speakers were Sr Maryam Amir Ebrahimi, Shaykh Abu Eesa Niamatullah, Shaikh Yasir Qadhi, Shaikh Omar Suleiman, Professor Tariq Ramadan,  Peter Osbourne, Sr Shenaz Bunglawala and Nouman Ali Khan. There were guest appearances by victims and activists against Islamophobia, Saffiyah Khan and Saira Zafar, who stood up against the EDL a few weeks ago, Maz Saleem, whose father was stabbed to death on his way home from Isha prayer by a Ukranian Noe-Nazi terrorist.

The conference was held at the Excel London and was attended by 4000 people of all different backgrounds, ethnicities, races and religions.

A lot of emphasis was put on inclusion and integration and actively participating in British society.

All the speakers were well spoken made compelling, valid and thought provoking points.

It is  great to go to a conference where everyone is present for the same purpose.

Wonderful to see so much diversity.

The food being served by the restaurants throughout the venue was Halal and varied.

The conference was well planned and laid out, with many volunteers ensuring everything ran pretty smoothly.

The stalls were interesting and considering this was the first conference of this scale organised by MEND, I am can’t wait to see what next year’s brings.

I came out of the conference feeling hopeful for the future of muslims living in the UK.

I have always believed that I can actively participate in British Society without having to compromise my religious beliefs and Mend has done a great job in showing how we can make our views matter. 

In sha Allah tomorrow I will be posting about Being active in Society, the main message being put across by speakers and Mend. In the meantime if you want further reading please visit the MEND Community website on the here

Please comment with any questions or details you want me to expand on. 

6 comments on “Losing My Religion Conference 2017”

  1. I read your header and couldn’t really decide to whom a Muslim is losing their religion. I’d say the terrorists and the phobic people take a enormous chunk of the cake each. But that is what we see. I guess what matters is that the crumbs one have inside are the one that matters. What do you think?

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    1. I see what you mean but I don’t think that as a Muslim I am left with crumbs I think that I have the cake. I think that people will always try and leave you hollow or question your beliefs and the point is to keep baking. As human beings we can’t stop being active in society and the more we do for the Sake of Allah and (wo)mankind the more our religion and beliefs grow don’t you think?

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      1. Okay. If you add the baking then the Muslims will be fine. 🙂 I didn’t thought of that.
        I’m not particularly familiar with the situation in UK, but who do you think is the thief, steeling cake? I know there’s been some extreme thinking on both ends and the government – what do they say?

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      2. I think things are getting better because they got worse so people are starting to wake up to the idea of working TOGETHER for common best interests rather than apart. I also think British Muslims are becoming more active and integrating in Society because this is home and this is where we were born and we pay taxes and contribute to this Society every day.
        I’d love to hear your opinion on tomorrow’s blogpost.
        What’s it like being a Swede living in America?

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      3. Actually I live in Sweden. My interest in politics and religion brought me on a rocky road at the American political landscape. It was inevitable with Americas new … you know…(don’t know what to call him.)
        I like the positive tone in your writing. Working together is the glue of the society. And there will be cake enough for all. 🙂

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      4. Thank you. I try to be positive rather than critical because the world is so full of criticism. I want to build people up not bring them down. There is enough cake for everyone we don’t need to trample all over each other to get it.
        I know what you mean. I also have an issue with I don’t know what to call him either. Specially when it comes to women’s rights.

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