Tips on losing weight

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IMG_7048I have started my weight loss journey on the first of September last year and until 8 weeks ago it was going well, Alhumdulillah. I have managed to maintain the 37 lbs of weight loss thus far but I am stuck. So I thought I would write down some tips to help motivate and kick-start my weight loss journey and hopefully inspire some of you to join.

Use the Be SMART  goals technique for weight loss.

Specific. This is taking an analytical look at how you will be able to achieve your goal. Write down a diary of what you are eating and how it makes you feel.  After a week look at your diary and see where you can make specific changes.

Measurable. How are you going to measure the progress. Will you be counting calories, joining a slimming program such as Weight Watchers or Slimming World? Will you be working out? How often? When are where will you be weighing or measuring yourself?

Attainable. Make sure that you set yourself up to success by ensuring that this lifestyle change is conducive to your lifestyle and environment. Are you willing to make the sacrifices it takes? Make sure your friends and family are in the know, keep all your temptations away ( and that means clearing out he cookie jar) donate all the food that you will not be eating to a local shelter of food bank.

Relevant. Is this what you really want to do? Is weight loss a relevant goal in your life? What will be the benefits of weight loss? How will losing weight enrich your life? Make no mistake, losing weight will be on your mind 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It’ll be there when you are invited out for diner and have to order a grill with salad instead of chips and when everyone gets dessert and you smile and have a mint tea instead. Unless you can find a relevance to you then you will not be able to keep on track.

Timely. When will you start? Most people say they will start tomorrow and will do it until they lose the weight. Is this viable? If all you have if full fat mayonnaise, chocolate and white bread in the fridge and crisps in the pantry, tomorrow may not be the best day to start. Make a meal plan, write your shopping list, do the shopping and then start. When it comes to weight loss setting yourself a target to lose within a certain amount of time is not realistic. It is more realistic to lose 10% of your weight in 4-6 months but it may take you 8 months so don’t feel deflated just keep going and you will get there, hopefully after 6 months it’ll come naturally to you.

I hope this is helpful. I have some Pinterest meal plans which are available here and here.

All the photos used are photos of the food I have been eating throughout my weight loss. Let me know if you make any of the recipes by tweeting me some photos. And if you have some tips and advise please comment down bellow.

I’d like to add that I am not a doctor, nutritionist or personal trainer, these are just tips that have worked for me and hopefully can help you achieve the weight loss, in sha Allah.

I am feeling very inspired, how about you?


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