Hello and welcome to the world of me.  Here are a few things you should know about me.

I am an opinionated bookworm who loves nothing more than talking to friends about current affairs, social issues and solving the world’s problems around my dining table. However my dining table got so crowded that I decided to take it to the net.

I have not red all the books and have all the information in all the world as that would not be possible so I will try to only talk about issues that I have researched and know about. Where possible I will reference opinions and studies but as we are not at uni and my time is limited I may not always do so. you can always contact me with any queries.

I am blogging anonymously, however I am no Banksy and I am happy to talk to anyone who wants to talk to me and I will be able to share as much information as I am comfortable doing so without actually being personally attacked for my opinions. If you have a problem with this I understand, however I am a woman and as such have continuously been under scrutiny and have seen other women being attacked for their beliefs and  for simple videos or opinions they put out there and whilst I am prepared to deal with the backlash of putting my problems out there, I am not prepared to have my family life or my children living under the same scrutiny.